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Whilst many tutees initially begin their academic tutoring well organised, over time some seem to diminish, making tutoring sometimes difficult. When you have your files disorganised it can make tutoring tough for the tutor. In order for you to get the maximum out of your online classes, you must always remain organised. This will help your tutoring session run very smoothly.


Here’ some quick advice about keeping your notes neat and very organized.

  1. Always keep your online and off line folders organised.

  2. Decide how many folders you will have.

  3. Decide how they will be organised – if all the individual science subjects will be in on or separate folder.

  4. Add your notes thematically rather than by date order.

  5. For online folders, use Dropbox or Google Drive so that you can access your folder from any computer and anywhere.

  6. Always use automatic backup software so that your files can be recovered if something happens to your computer.

  7. For your physical notes, divide the page into two – points on the left, explanations on right.

  8. Use few words as possible in explanations, avoid writing in full sentences and use abbreviation.

  9. Keep lots of space on the page. It is difficult to look at work that is cluttered as it is off putting.

  10. Use diagrams, pictures and colours to help you to make it inviting.

  11. Circle, draw a shapes, squiggle or highlight the most important words and phrases.

  12. At the end of the session, always ask your tutor to send you his notes so that you can use them to develop your own notes.

  13. Save the lesson notes done by the teacher as a PDF.