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Your Physics tutor should be familiar with Physics and be interested in what they are tutoring


You come to learn what you do not know. Your tutor’s job is to lay down the map on a table, pinpointing where you are starting from, and show you where you will walk to. The physical journey begins with your Physics Tutors in Dewsbury as the lead. Your tutor should guide you along the narrow path, providing you basic directions for you to follow. These instructions are small clear steps. They advise you when to take a left, and when to turn right. Along the journey your path widens, and you take more notice of your surroundings. You have many questions. You should feel at ease in asking those questions without fear or intimidation. By allowing you to discover new things you get to know your environment – hence Physics.  A good quality of a tutor is not only to direct your learning but to know what you are thinking. They listen to what you are saying without embarrassment so when you come to a large stone obstructing your path, you can discuss together how you can remove the obstacles.


A good tutor enables you to think with your own head and walk with your feet and curiosities addressing them with patience.


When travelling a long journey with your tutor, there must be some chemistry. A fun friendly helpful tutor who will be aware of your emotions and travel needs and who you can get on with is crucial. The journey will through many tests. Providing feedback on areas of trouble will eventually grow your confidence until you are ready to take the test by which time you will have improved so much more.


A key advantage of having a student tutor is they themselves will be able to share actual experiences and share with you how they removed those obstacles whilst a qualified teacher will have forgotten how it was to walk the journey of learning. Therefore, having a tutor close to your age has many benefits as they can also act as a stimulus for you. As well as being a source of inspiration, student tutors are best if you do not like to study. But sometimes having a strict older teacher suits other students.


More experienced tutors, or student teachers under the supervision of a Qualified teacher can navigate you to your destination using the shortest route and time. They can also be more affordable yet get you the same desired results. However, the more experience a tutor has, the more likely you will be successful. Ask how have past students performed? Where did they start? How had they grown? Stay away from tutors whose sole purpose is to make money is likely to be providing low quality tutoring.


Finally, character is very important in considering affinity: kind, serious, bright cheerful and so on. Choose a tutor that suits your purpose and type of personality.