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Some children cant help get angry. Parents and teachers need to understand what is driving the aggression. This can be achieved by breaking down the causes of aggression into several groups. Here are types of issues: 


Some kids suffer from mood issues – such as bipolar. These kids become aggressive and lose self-control and act impulsively by lashing out.


Other kids may have psychotic illnesses – where mistrustful and suspicion is part of their behaviour – and in some cases the child is fully paranoid and will strike out when they are scared.


Those kids who have cognition problems – for example mental retardants and autism – manifest into aggression. These children suffer from anxiety or frustration and will show aggressive behaviour because they cannot verbalize their feelings.


In children that suffer from disruptive behaviour disorders – these children suffer with ADHD, impulsivity or poor decision making. Not thinking, they act aggressively because of their poor decision making skills and will not realise their act of aggression when in a rage.


In those kids that suffer from conduct disorder, these children are maliciously and intentionally aggressive and the treatment needed is very different.


Whilst, when children have certain types of epilepsy, it leads to explosive behaviour and there is no reasoning behind their outbursts.


Family or child circumstances can make situations more stressful than they are. These kids do not necessarily suffering from any emotional illnesses, however if it is recurring then it is likely that there could be an underlying emotional problem.


Susan Burton is a senior manager at Improve Tuition Global Online and Mary Walsh is recruitment manager for online tuition jobs India.