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Far-away children warm to “Incredible Improve” virtual tutors, thousands of miles from tutor.


The tutoring could hardly be more remote. Improve Tuition Online, with its pupil roll of 63, lies in a small old-woollen town in the West Riding of Yorkshire surrounded by beautiful, fields of landscape. The town — population about 50,000 — is 10 km from the hustling bustling northern capital of Leeds. It’s pupils are in remote locations around the world.


They never make any official trip to the tutor during their tutoring. Yet Batley has become central to one of the most innovative online tuition providers in England, its skill in tutoring in virtual learning has enabled students from anywhere in the world to attend sessions, participate in online tutoring or take part in online homework help.


Known as Incredible Improve, it is claimed to be the world’s first quality education provider, and has been winning world-wide praise. It was introduced after the CEO decided that it wanted to advance IT use to deliver more quality online tuition.


Pupils anywhere in the world can take part in “Incredible meets”, where they connect via webcams and can see the same virtual whiteboard. Improve is one of the only quality online tutoring provider on the planet. We have taught pupils from over 35 countries in maths, English and science using a virtual whiteboard.


Ms Lord said: “Incredible Improve really opens up tutoring to beyond our centres. It helps them see kids in other countries doing the same type of topics.”