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Improve Tuition provides Maths, English & Science tuition for 6 to 19 year olds.

We pride ourselves in providing professional tuition in Wakefield at the highest Improve Quality Standard.


Chilren are are taught at a very high standard and after one year of tuition their attainment levels are more than doubled what the school would expect. Every year around May and June time we receive excellent reports from the parents and reflects the high aims and expectations of our tutors in Wakefield.


When your child joins our tuition services, they grasp the learning opportunities we provide and this translates  to higher confidence, self-esteem at school and improved grades.


Many children start with us with little interest in a particular subject and then over the coarse of their tuition year our tutors manage to ignite the flame for learning.


One such example was in maths, where the appropriate and stimulating levels of challenge were provided to a pupil so that the child  developed a high mathematical and logical way of thinking. This translated into other subjects such as science.



So whether your looking for :


Tuition in Wakefield


Maths tuition in Wakefield


English tuition in Wakefield


Science tuition in Wakefield


Private tuition in Wakefield


With Improve Tuition even low ability children make rapid progress

because we know your satisfaction is our future.



You can book a  FREE no obligation

trial session at our Bradford tuition

centre on 01924 506010 or fill in the

contact form and a tutor will call you




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