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Having a degree can be beneficial. There’s no doubt about that. It shows perseverance, hard work and dedication. But University isn’t the only option available to you.


For a growing number of students, academia is not exactly the most suitable route. Instead, many individuals are much more practical and hands-on in their learning. Some students also prefer a more flexible route. As a result, in recent years there has been a development in other pathways.





Apprenticeships and vocational qualifications


Ideal for those students who know exactly what they want to do, such courses allow individuals to achieve highly in the field they are interested in. However while apprenticeships are paid jobs right from the get go, vocational courses require a little more time in college. Yet both are appropriate for individuals wishing to take a more practical route into an industry as both can help to develop connections into your chosen field.


So what kind of industries is this possible for? Well there’s nursing, media and engineering to name a few. Through these examples alone it’s easy to take note of the diverse nature of the fields such courses are available in. In short: opportunities galore.


Just a note of warning however… not all courses end with official qualifications so it’s important to do a little research and find out beforehand. Yet even without qualifications, these courses can boost confidence in and further develop ones current skills; apprenticeships also allow you to gain some experience in your desired field and strengthen interests.


Degree Apprenticeships


A fairly recent development within apprenticeships, this is a higher-level pathway which allows work and study to be combined as a means of gaining both hands-on experience as well as a full Bachelors or Masters degree at the end.


The best part of it? Next to no cost! Degree apprenticeships are paid for by institutions or employees meaning the apprentice remains debt-free.


Foundation Courses


A softer-step into the world of higher education, foundation courses fill the gap between school and university, allowing students to gain a qualification equivalent of two-thirds of an honours degree. Not only could it help you standout as a job applicant, but also allows a ‘top-up’ for those wishing to have a full degree.


Gap Year


The fact of the matter is University isn’t for everyone. For some, it may be something they’re interested in – a potential future pathway – just not something they wish to do now. In such situations, maybe a gap year may be for you.


How do you spend your gap year? Completely up to you. This would be your break, a time to relax and unwind before making you next step. You could hibernate, travel the world, go camping and so on. The point is: you do you.


Get a Job


There’s not much to say for this one. It’s as simple as that. You could skip out on all the above and simply dive right into the big wide world of adulting.