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Under achieving in your GCSEs can be devastating especially if you worked really hard for them but there is always a way to fix things! Although it can be frustrating not doing as well as you expected to do, it is important to realise that it is not the end of your education! Resitting is always an option. It is almost like a safety net as you get a second shot at achieving what you want to. This should not be seen as a negative thing but as a second chance.


Firstly, it is important to choose the subjects you want to re-do. The beauty in this is that you are not obliged to retake anything you do not want to. Although there are subjects like English and Maths where you are obliged to get at least a C, there is flexibility in your other subjects. For example, if you failed RE you don’t need to necessarily take it again. However, if you want to, then you can. If you know what A levels you want to do, the decision of what subjects to retake can be easier. For example, to study Biology at A level you need to achieve at least a grade B in Science. If you know you want to do Biology, you can retake your science so you can do that.



  • Another bonus to resitting is that you can choose to do it either at a school or college or online. Most schools will give you the opportunity to retake your GCSEs alongside your A level studies which means you aren’t falling behind. This may involve taking evening classes. If that option would be too much for you to juggle, there is also an option of taking a year to retake just your GCSEs. This can be done at schools or colleges and would require you to go to class with other students in order to study for the upcoming exams. However, if attending a school or college isn’t the best situation for you to be in, you can also retake them online.


  • The advantage of resitting them the traditional way is that you will already be familiar with the format of teaching. You will also have teachers to assist you along the way and also students in your classes. The advantage of resitting them online is that you have a greater flexibility as you do not have a timetable to adhere to. You can also work at your own speed which means you can focus more on the topics that confuse you and work quickly through the topics you already understand. Although you won’t have students to turn to or multiple teachers, you would have a 1:1 tutor which would allow you to get the help you need without the interruption of other students.



  • Whatever route you decide to take it is important to know about the exams themselves. GCSE exams are held around May and June of every year at the end of the academic year. However, with GCSE Maths and English, you have the option to also retake them in the November of that year. This option is ideal for any students that don’t want to wait an entire year and also for those who know their content on the most part but need to focus more on exam technique. If you choose to re-sit the exams at college or school, you will automatically be sitting the exams with the rest of the students in your year. However, if you choose to do it online, you will have to arrange for the exam yourself. You must contact local schools and colleges 6 months prior to the exams letting them know you want to re-sit as an online student. You must also pay the fee to them directly. You will not be government funded as you chose to do it online as opposed to staying in education at a school or college.


Finally, remember that the chance of being able to retake these exams is a blessing. Do not waste it.