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Why Improve Tuition Revensthorpe

Why are you stressed when you have found the right people to help you on your child’s


learning journey? You see, very few work with  the passion we work with. You have to

have a genuine desire to help children beyond the monetary-value because money passes

hands but to help a child and to make an impact on a child’s life satisfying for genuine

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people who love working with children.

We require your child’s efforts. Perhaps that may be hard for months with some children.

Perhaps, initially, progress may be slow for some. But through perseverance – it does not

matter how slow the start is –we use time to build your child’s interest, confidence and

enthusiasm for learningThrough patience we succeed. We love this. We relish this. We

love seeing the fruits of everyone’s patience – including yours!


Your Tuition for primary tuition

In Key stage 1, we’ve seen seven year old children’s confidence ignite. In Literacy, we’ve

seen children in Year 5 move up (from Year 3 ability to Year 7 ability).In Spellings, we’ve

seen pupils make 4 years progress in months.

We’ve even seen the same children’s writing move from Year 3/4 to  Year 6 ability over a

longer period. This is not by chance but what the Improve model has to offer through its

experiences and we have numerous testimonials and primary parents who endorse the

Improve brand so authentically.


High School Tuition

Registered Centres:

Ravensthorpe Community Centre,

24, Garden Street,

Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, WF13 3AR

        Tel : 01924 50 60 10

Hours of Operation:

 9 am to 6 pm

How to Reach:

From Revensthorpe shopping park

 Turn right onto Garden

  St  Destination will be on the right


Improve Tuition is an outstanding

business. Being part of the

organisation as a tutor, was

impressed by the manager’s, 

Mr Dabhad, leadership skills.     

He was motivational towards

both his staff and the children who


As tutors we were always

reminded to provide the best

teaching skills we could offer and

we received regular feedback from

Mr Dabhad and parents which

enabled us to improve further.

The children enjoyed being at

Improve  and they would

progress academically thus gaining

more confidence. would highly

recommended Improve Tuition. 

We’ve seen GCSE science children move up from U’s to A’s in School  assessments.

“My child could never have achieved a grade U to A in  such a short period in Science?”

says Mrs Norat from Mount Pleasant. Her boy is a year 10 student at Upper Batley High

School. It wasn’t easy work for everyone involved but we did it. Our tutors relish on these 

triumphs. These accomplishments delight our team who work endlessly to see your child

succeed and we always celebrate success together.


A’ level Tuition

Last September, we got a call from a parent who was concerned about their child’s AS

grades. They had achieved an E. Attending  Heckmondwike Grammar, the youngster

knew he had fallen behind. He started individual 121 tuition. Today Huzaifa is achieving

A’s and we are confident he will continue to achieve in the same trend in his final exam

this summer.


What are you Searching for?

We are confident our experiences allows us to suggest many ways of really improving your


So whether your  searching Google for:



Grab a FREE Trial

So how can we help your child pick up the skills and confidence at school? At Improve,

our process of getting to know your child’s unique qualities begins with your free trial.

This opportunity enables our tutors to work out your child’s unique strengths and key

weaknesses, enabling us to focus on unique individual learning needs. It is getting to

know your child as a unique individual, which allows our tutors to create a personalised

learning platform that is designed to help your child gain confidence, enthusiasm and

new learning skills. This unique approach translates to success in the classroom. 

Surpassing your expectations

We provide you “honest” private tuition in Ravensthorpe that:


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