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In the last decade, there has been an exponential growth in the demand for the number of parents hiring the services of tutors during the six-week summer break. Traditionally the demand was for Maths, but English is seeing a demand. In the last few years alone, tutoring organisations are experiencing a huge surge in online English tuition for GCSE, according to a survey of around 500 parents in Northern Ireland.



Children were placed with tutors, to recap subjects like English and Maths, before returning to school after the long break. Parents – whose children were enrolled in private schools -were three-times more likely to pay for tuition than those on average income, and the same parents were even more likely to appoint an Online English GCSE tutor UK when compared to previous years. What is even more surprising is the huge increase in tuition services by parents of low-income families. Whilst tuition was a privilege of the rich, lower income families preferred affordable small group tuition where there were four children with a tutor.


Many parents, teachers and now the government recognise that six-week holidays lead to a loss of learning. Since 2015, schools have powers to implement their own term-times. Although parental awareness of how the longer breaks jeopardises learning is increasing, over one third of parents are still unaware of how holidays affect children’s learning. Students often forget everything they have learnt.


What’s frustrating for teachers is when students forget their basic skills in early September. Simple words get misspelt in writing. There is so much confusion around punctuation, grammar and for some paragraphs become non-existent! Furthermore, research indicates that by the end of summer, pupils perform on average, one month behind where they left off in the spring, however research shows no evidence to link between the length of the school year and academic achievement. For instance, Finland has both one of the shortest school years (with almost double in length in a summer break) yet some of the best test results in world education rankings.


What we can say – wherever you live in the UK – an Online GCSE English tuition during the summer break can pay off dividends for children aged five to 16 years. It is important that the learning continues. Parents devotion to summer learning opportunities is expected to see an upward trend.


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