Nepal Earthquake - Improve Tuition News


In the earthquake disaster that hit 16 days ago killing 3,500 people – 9 out of 10 schools have been destroyed – in some of the worst affected areas – leaving many children unable to attend school, it was revealed.

With schools expected to reopen on 15th May, as many as 24,000 classrooms will have been destroyed by the quake leaving almost 1 million children  unable to go back to school.

The remaining schools are being used as emergency shelters for the thousands of people displaced from their homes due to the earthquake that hit last month.

Parliament Legislature has ordered the Women, Children, Senior Citizens and Social Welfare Committee to set up the running of the schools in earth struck Nepal. 

As well as tents, water and dry food provisions – Nepal needs your help to get Nepal schools running again.

Charities of major religions Christianity, Islam and Judaism have all dispatched emergency aid for those citizens affected by the Nepal earthquake and need your continued support and help.

Charities aiding Nepal include: British Red Cross, Ummah Welfare Trust and World Jewish Relief who have all positively responded to help thousands of people get basic help which will help surviving children return to school.


Faheem Hussain, is reporting on the Nepal Earthquake. Any charities that would like to join free partnerships with Improve Tuition to get children back into learning using innovative approaches such as online learning in Nepal should contact