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KS2 2018 SATS Scores Explained

KS2 2018 SATS Scores Explained

Many parents are confused with their child’s SATs results. They want KS2 2018 SATs scores explained in an easier-way. The difficulty is, when presenting the table of scaled scores, parents can not make-out easily how their child achieved relative to other children in the country. My suggestion is that the government looks into using a graph.This would be in addition to the present table of scaled results so that parents can clearly pin-point how their child’s SATs scores compares to other children of the same school year.

To begin, the government uses scaled scores to report the results of these tests to ensure they can make accurate comparisons of performance over time.

The report will include test results and teacher assessment judgements as follows:

KS2 2018 SATS Scores Explained:
Subject Teacher assessment judgement & test results
Subjects                          Teacher Assessment        Test Results

English grammar,
punctuation and spelling                                                       ✓
English reading                            ✓                                      ✓
English writing                              ✓
Maths                                           ✓                                      ✓
Science                                        ✓

Together, these tests and assessments should provide you with a good sense.

At KS2 the range of scaled scores is 80 to 120. A scaled score:
  • A scaled score of 100 or more means a child is working at the expected standard – termed ‘AS’,
  • A score below 100 indicates that a child hasn’t reached the government expected standard – termed ‘NS’.

To meet government expectations, pupils must achieve 100 in their scaled scores. However, this equates to different marks (raw scores) for each paper (maths; reading; grammar, punctuation and spelling) and can change each year. A table is used to convert the raw score on the paper to a scale score so year on year comparisons can be made.

Can you help explain my child’s KS2 SATs scores?

Lets start with a scenario. Let’s say your child achieved a scaled score of 115 in reading, 109 Spag and 110 in Maths. What does it all mean? It means that the child has achieved beyond the national standards for their age as the child has scored over 100. The closer the score is to 120, the better your child did in comparison to other children in their year with 120 being incredible. However, the government should be providing parents a graph to easily interpret the data. A chart would enable parents to easily compare how their child’s SATs results compares to children of the same school year. Until then, a lot of parents can’t easily grip how their child is doing in comparison to other children of their school age. Until such improvements, many parents remain confused.

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