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Schooling is still the most reliable route out of poverty. The quality of education and the linkage between being educated and being able to earn a good living is a theoretically argument.

The whole need for redefinition of education in developing world is an important discussion. The need for a dramatic change is crucial. Education in most of developing countries, Tanzania in particular has not been reliably preparing youth for a positive life transformations, that’s why we see a high graduate unemployment in the country. Graduates are uncritical, even the best graduates who scores very handsome grades cannot real transform their lives, the lives of their families even communities. The community now than ever before requires that education prepares youth for poverty reduction and better livelihood for the whole society and not to an individual who has just attained a good degree.

Countries such as Ghanaian and other African governments took on at independence – to provide quality education to all children, linked to future livelihoods – was brave and massively ambitious.  This country has gone from 7% enrolment rates in sub-Saharan Africa at independence to 80% or more today.  But finding jobs after school life is proving to be a problem..

“School for life” makes sense, but let’s make sure the conversation includes visions of “life” that are shared by those in all the “worlds,” rather than imposed on them from the first world.

Education in developing countries should have a very strong vocational component at the high school level. Even in America, youth are most concerned about “how to make a living in a meaningful job.” Each country is so different. The “school for life” is valid, but must also be dedicated to what type of employment can be gained after schooling.

However, purpose of education, particularly early in life, is the development of character and ethical behaviour. One institution which has successfully integrated such ideas into its educational model at university level, namely Ashesi University College in Ghana ( or Its founder and president, Dr. Patrick Awuah,  has done a marvelous job in developing a curriculum that combines business and technology programs with a rigorous liberal arts core, preparing students who are committed to becoming the ethical leaders (with emphasis on the word “ethical”) of a new generation in Africa.

The Teach children build India foundation is about 300 very disadvantaged poor tribal children in remote villages in Keonjhar District of india for last 5 years near their homes in groups of 25 children by 25 voluntary teachers . It includes great positive changes in these children. Their mission is to groom them up to employable level and also; make them worthy citizens of India with good character. The present western pattern of education will not prepare the children for a fruitful employment and a good living. In these parts of the world drastic change has to come in the syllabus & pattern of studies right from primary school level.

I am learning & I appreciate your ideas which needs lots of refining before we can implement. The biggest problem will be the orthodox mindset of Govt in less developed countries to adopt such a change but we have to bring in the change.