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Governments near election will discuss key investments to expand high-quality learning programs; talk about increasing equity and opportunity for all pupils; supporting teachers and school leaders by reducing workload.

“As a way to win votes, all parties will lead us all to believe that every single child in this country matters and deserves an education,” said education expert Gulam Dabhad. “They will tell us about school successes under their governance and a promise that will make real progress.”

Any future government budget ought to remove the inefficiencies and invest in improving funding for early childhood education, teacher support and college opportunity.


Increasing equity and opportunity

  1. What is the increase spend on primary and secondary education?

  2. What is the educational spend increase mean for poor and minority students, students with disabilities, and those with English as a second language?

  3. How will this increase spend prepare future students for college and higher education?


Developing high- quality early learning programs

  1. What is the expected expenditure for preschool programs for low and moderate income families?

  2. Will there be a budget for preschool development grant?


Assisting teachers and leaders

  1. How much and for how long will future governments support how UK schools recruit and prepare new teachers and strengthen professional support for teachers throughout their careers?

  2. What funding is available for  governments and schools committed to implementing new systems that develop, support, reward and advance teachers and principals?


Improving higher education

  1. Can future governments support responsible students through funding?

  2. What funding is available for UK Technical Training with the UK Department of Labour to expand job opportunities?

  3. What increase in spend will there be for 16 to 18 year olds, for the Investing in Innovation programs, and improving student achievement in education?


Education is a vitally important investment in UK’s economic competitiveness, in its communities, and in its people. We can’t disregard the middle class economy that needs to be aligned for the 21st