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Enhancing our pupils English abilities

‘We don’t believe in working by age…but rather individual ability’


Our English tutors specialise in teaching a range of skills including comprehension work, SPaG understanding and analytical essay writing. We offer the highest level of guidance to every pupil from Key stages 1&2, High school, GCSE and A level. Our new arrivals first receive a free trial to reveal their current independent capabilities. Independent learning, we believe, is a crucial factor for genuine success. From then on, we ensure that every student internalises the very basics of our English language so that they can speedily progress and put into practice the skills they pick up on their journey here at improve. Our aim is not to spoon-feed but to thoroughly explain, to positively guide and to always persist.


Key Stage 1 | Fun learning | Accurate spelling | Consistency | Vocabulary


Our youngsters are guided in acquiring a range of vocabulary and putting newly learnt words into context. They are aided in strengthening the accuracy of their spellings and using the appropriate grammatical forms in both their speaking and their written work. New technical terms are frequently introduced and there is a continuation of learning synonyms in order to develop their vocabulary banks. We build on oral skills and encourage our kids to use their surroundings and imaginations in order to express both concrete and abstract concepts. Correct punctuation symbols and grammatically correct formations are extensively practiced till pupils can form their very own advanced sentences and paragraphs.


SATS | Reasoning skills | Verbal reasoning | Comprehension | Grammar



Here at Improve, we stress the importance of semantics and talk our pupils through looking at deeper implications of given texts. From being encouraged to perform analytical thinking, using human senses and making strong links between words and phrases, pupils learn how to fully comprehend the work they are assigned. Exam questions are consistently attempted with answers being marked using official mark schemes. SPaG knowledge is implicated in all work so that pupils become familiar with writing in formal manners.


GCSE | Essay writing | Creative writing | Critical thinking | Contextual understanding



Students are taught specialist terminology and linguistic devices in order to build up the skill of being able to identify them in given texts. They frequently work through practice exam sources and use their knowledge to critically examine specific words, quotations and connotations. Tutors work with their children simultaneously on both reading and writing skills and help to apply these in writing outstanding essays. Using planning skills, structures, linguistic devices and correct paragraph formations, pupils are continuously given homework practice and advanced tasks in order to speedily progress.