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We use to believe that being smart was fixed, and that it came to you at birth; but for the very first time in our lives, researchers are now disproving those earlier ideas, and informing us that if we learn with the right techniques we can get smarter even if your are ill.  And how can Psychologist not scan the brain before treating those ill?

Those earlier barriers of thinking can be removed. We can make our brains smarter, sharper and faster – and this is not science fiction – but science faction.

Being smart is more than having a high IQ – it’s being ingenious, creative, insightful, resourceful and much, much more.

So you study and study and study. The more you rote learn, the more the advanced reasoning skills diminish.

Concentrate on one thing, or risk your mind getting ill. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the internet are intrusive because they stop the mind from concentrating on one task – that is study – making your mind ill as you get dragged down.

Our brain doesn’t like at chores. Our brain looks for fun ways of learning.

If you had an image of a snail and a door, what is the link between them? There is no link. So how would you remember these images? You can image that you open the door, and behind the door is a huge snail and it’s all slimy and sticky. And make sure you think it in a 3-D way with all your senses engaged – and see how your memory improves if you use these fun ways of learning.

And what about those children with all sorts of psychological problems?

We all know when an organ needs treating, medics will scan it to enable effective treatment. But when it comes to psychologist, rarely look at the organ that is being treated.

This can lead to mistreatment of the brain, and the consequence can be catastrophic.

Rehabilitating the brain by using SPEC imaging is vital before psychologist offer treatment. After all our brains are the power source behind everything we do.


About the Author

Danny Webster is our Educational Consultant who researches and improves the tutoring practices of online adhd tutoring, online adhd tutor, online add tutors, is delivered worldwide.