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World Education News OECD :

AN OECD economic report found no link between an increase in higher levels of immigration and performance of school systems. 


US Education News :

Following the terror attacks in Paris that killed 129 people including a US exchange student, Wesleyan College in Georgia cancelled a visit to Paris.


Bangladeshi Education News :

A Bangladeshi court heard the sentencing of Nahida Farzana, to two months imprisonment for cheating in the Islamic University (IU), Kushtia, Banglesh admissions exam.

She was caught red handed by invigilators while she tried to use a mobile, with ear phones, in the admission test.


UK Education News :

Are religious schools inhibiting our children from the world around them? Are they promoting intolerance? And are they inciting the ‘them and us’ attitude? Many parents feel compelled to choose the local state primary school. Let us know your thoughts?