Online tutors in Canada - How to Study

Improve Tuition offers online tutors in Canada and provides free advice on how to study.

Allocate enough time for study.  
While six hours may be too much for one pupil, another student might not be able to study for that duration.  Evaluate your own study needs and take it from there.

Make use of your evenings.  
Study hours on evenings can be used to write or review class notes.

Study at the same time daily.  
Studying specific hours and even specific times will keep you in a routine. 

Schedule a weekly review.  
Each week, review your study notes and even improve them.  This will reduce the amount of revision time needed before an exam. 

Schedule daily reviews.  
After each lesson, spend 15 – 20 minutes reading through your notes your notes allowing you to reduce the amount of study time needed before an exam. 

Account for project time.  
Allocate and allow time for assignments when you may not be able to study.


Allow for flexibility.  

Make sure you have your play and rest – non-academic activities.

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