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Skills used by Improve Tutors

Improve Tuition recognises the importance of drawing attention to tutoring skills underpinning good tuition practice in maths, English and sciences, and this support is heavily featured in tutor training help to adopt the type of tutoring practice that provides maximum efficiency in learning in a pupils session. Ongoing training helps tutors to design sessions which are structured for learners of all stages including GCSE tuition and A Level Tuition. Our tutoring models takes into consideration the designing of sessions for all learners including lower attainers and gifted and talented.


Sana a lead business development member of the Improve team is setting up our new tuition in Leeds says,

“Our tutoring repertoire ensure we model, question, explain, guide learning and advocated active engagement techniques. We help create effective learners thorough the development of tutor skills.”

Centre Directors monitor Maths and English tutors to ensure sessions are purposeful and a high expectations is conveyed. Pupils are given opportunities in homework to organise their own home work (over-direction by teachers needed to be guarded against).

Sana of Improve Tuition adds, “Tutors are trained to ensure pupils work is matched to the pupil’s abilities and learning needs.”