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Terrific Tutoring Ravensthorpe

At each centre, a qualified teacher monitors and tracks progress and  regularly reviews your child’s learning. This ensures measured upward progress is being made – over time. This close supervision and guidance sustains high tutor standards in maths, English and science within Improve Ravensthorpe.

The qualified experienced teacher also ensures tutors pitched learning at the right level and your child is challenged. But tutors still have autonomy from the teachers. They have flexibility to use at their disposal the appropriate teaching-style suitable for your child to excel in the tutored subject.


Rewarding Tutor Ravensthorpe

Setting challenging tasks help children improve topic strengths and reduce weaknesses. Where children struggle, we help children through sound suitable questioning, enabling your child’s tutor to reduce weaknesses and encourage members to take on the presented challenges.

Coupled with tutoring, our tutors provide regular ‘PEP talks’ to develop a natural inner thirst for learning. As well as motivation talks, our session reports keeps parents informed on your child’s progress. We deploy a range of behaviour strategies which include, praises and reward schemes that motivate and entice your child. Nearer exams, setting regular mock exam preparation helps reduce anxiety before an exam.


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Our specialist tutors have excellent knowledge enabling them to be well equipped to tutor in the subject well. When parents, pupils and tutors work hard and in a team, pupils make outstanding progress. In later years, this provides a foundation for older pupils, who develop from these grounds the love for learning. With substantial encouragement and motivation that is provided by our knowledgeable and skilled tutors as well as support from parents, children succeed in assessments in primary and secondary.

 In preparation for tests,  our SATs and GCSE tuition in Ravensthorpe develop excellent techniques in reading, and writing, through the support of our skilled GCSE tutors.


Remarkable Tutors Ravensthorpe

As soon as you walk through our centre doors, an Improve tutor in Ravenshorpe warmly greets your child. Tuition starts. Previous work is checked, weaknesses are pinpointed and explanations provided. Then, the new learning begins. For your child’s maximum learning to occur, our tutors use the appropriate teaching styles to match your child’s needs. Learning is pitched at a level appropriate your child’s aptitude as well as challenging tasks are set.


So whether you are searching for:

  • Maths tuition Ravensthorpe – English tutors 

  • English tuition Ravensthorpe – Maths tutor 

  • Science tuition Ravensthorpe – Maths tutors 

  • Grammar tuition Ravensthorpe – GCSE maths 


….please feel free to contact our tutors in Ravensthorpe or email us on info@improvetuition.org or call 01924 506010.



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