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Mock Exams around the corner?

Mock exams are around the corner. With your final exams just weeks away it is easy to get trapped in a steam of stress  and a burst of panic at exams, but this will only worsen your exam performance and worrying is not the solution. Here are a few pre-exam tips that our members have found useful in the past.


> Go for a stroll. Do not memorise as understanding comes first. Talk to yourself about the ideas and concepts you are learning and make meaning.

> A Great way to revise is to teach topics to friends from the same class. It is one of the quickest ways to learn. If no one accompanies you is to talk to an imaginary person.

> Be healthy.  Sleep, eat and drink well. Be in peak condition before the exam day just like a sportsman.

> Practice! Exam until the very end. Practising exam papers, managing exam strategies will help you perform at peak level.


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