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Improve Tutor Leeds

Our tutors work with uncompromisingly honestly and with integrity in everything they do. As a result of our hard efforts, children who are members’ over a 6 month period make progress in terms of years as we have the experience.

We have developed a model which allows low achieving children and those who have special educational needs to make outstanding progress from their initial points.


Interesting Tutors Leeds

Reading, Writing and Maths tuition develop well above those of most children of their age. As a result parents in West Yorkshire have developed and admiration for Improve Tuition. This is because, members’ standards accelerate and children progress massively through motivating pupils.

Our reward scheme ensures member’s behaviour is exemplary throughout the session. As a result, they enjoy learning and rise high to the challenges provided by their tutors. Tutors and Centre Directors have high expectations for the members and from themselves. It is this relentless help which Staff work closely with each other and with parents to ensure that members achieve well above national levels.  Centre Directors work rigorously to ensure that all aspects of the tutoring meets the highest standards.


Impeccable Maths and English Tuition Leeds

We regularly review the progress for monitoring the practice of members learning including those undertaken by tutors and teachers to ensure they are consistent across the centres. It is this relentless help which enables our members to make exceedingly massive progress. Its good practice in all areas that is fueling our member’s motivation. The great tutoring we offer across is a testament to the referrals we receive from schools. Our leaders do not except low expectations from our pupils just because children are poor or come from a particular culture. Whatever the race, we work to help members succeed. We help all members succeed in the areas that they are most weak in.




Intelligent Maths, English and Science Tuition in Leeds

Once open, our tutors in Leeds will show outstanding progress in maths, English and science and tutors expect the best of your child each session. Tutor sessions are monitored with care and set tasks which are set at the right level. Our members’ levels in national tests at the end of Years 2 and 6 and GCSE have been well above average. This is because each pupil has challenging targets in maths, English or science that they must reach.

Your child can reach success because teachers assess your child’s work periodically to see how well they have understood various topics and guide your child’s tutor. Our tutors spot underachievement early because a rigorous tracking system is in place. Our members are motivated and rewarded in sessions and this gives your child considerable opportunities to ask questions and receive explanations where understanding is ambiguous.


Incredible maths, English, science Tutoring in Leeds

The quality of tuition Improve Tutoring is incredible. Regional managers and Directors ensure tuition is consistent across all centres, often by sharing tutors between the centres.

Tutoring is matched to the needs of our members. Regular checks on learning means errors are spotted and corrected. Members achieve well as the tutor query pupil answers to help children correct their learning. This skilful questioning helps members to understand their work. Tutors clearly show what they need to do to next to improve. Members know precisely what they do well and what they need to do to improve their skills. They are given clear targets and pupils’ close familiarity with these helps them to take more responsibility for their own learning at home.


Instructive maths, English and science Tutors in Leeds

All tutors are proud of the Improve educational brand and share the drive for further improvement. Training is provided often by leadership for the network of local centres. This helps them enhance their skills further, and consequently their morale is high.


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