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Maths | English | Science Tuition in Leeds

Improve Tuition has been providing first class Tuition service in Leeds. We offer tuition in Maths, English and Science.

We provide a range of tuition from key stage 1 to A’ Level tuition in Leeds.  Educationally we believed in helping your child achieve beyond your own expectations.

We also offer a personalised service: 121 tuition – or small group tuition – of no more than four children. Many children can double up their progress by having twice a week tuition.





giving your child  confidence



As a family owned company, our highly trained tutors in Leeds ensure members are extremely well supported and educate first under our experience and guidance .

Our tutors regularly and routinely unpick weaknesses within your child’s topics. Good explanations, enable good understanding and good progress to be made in studies.

We always ensure we review learning across the tutored subjects (to ensures revision and retention); Coupled with exam practice we prepare your child for success.


So whether your searching for:


  Tuition in Leeds,




   Private tuition in Leeds,




     Maths private tuition in Leeds,




   English tuition in Leeds




    Science tuition in Leeds.





We can help. Our administrative office is open from 09:00hrs to 18:00hrs London GMT time seven days a week. Alternatively you can fill in the contact form and we will be in contact with you.




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