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Pakistan Educational News :

In an operation to close down the so-called ghost schools, Pakistani authorities have discontinued funding for hundreds of schools that existed only on paper, and have sacked 450 truant and absentee teachers.


Indian Educational News :

In the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking for the first time an Indian University has featured on the list of top 100 universities. Asian universities have gone up to 25 positions from 18 in 2014 with Stanford University in the US dominating first position.


Canada Educational News :

The Canadian government has generously promised to donate $130 million for child-education foreign projects, including help for young refugees displaced by the Syrian crisis.


UAE Educational News :

An alleged abduction attempt has been reported at a school in Dubai, Improve News has reported.Two men had asked a student walking outside the primary school to get into a car and then tried to grab him but the boy luckily ran away.

Improve News reports Dubai Police did not respond to a request for comment.


Middle East Educational News :

13 million children are not attending school, because of conflicts across the Middle East and North Africa leaving young children’s hopes and futures shattered, the UN Children’s Fund has reported.


China and UAE Educational News :

The number of English-medium international schools around the world has reached 8,000, and is estimated to increase to 15,000 in 10 years. According to ISC Research, China and the UAE are displaying the fastest growth, and demand exceeds supply, specifically in Qatar, UAE and Hong Kong, said ISC.


Australian Education News :

After iron ore, coal, and natural gas, the education sector is Australia’s fourth largest export amounting t0 AUS$18.1bn.


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