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Saudi Arabia Education News :

In a bid to raise standards, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education are classifying English language centres based on the quality of services they provide.

Although they will not face closure, Improve News reports stars will be awarded based on the quality of service they provide.


UK Education News :

Four UK education consortia have won contracts to run 12 technical and vocational training colleges in Saudi Arabia taking the total contribution of the programme’s contracts to the UK economy to over £1 billion.


China Education News :

It has emerged, there are still more incentives to cheat than not for a number of students from China who continue to manipulate the US university applications process.


India Education News :

Of of Indian state government’s has announced approval of the the first round of scholarships funding of 258 low-income undergraduates to study abroad at postgraduate level, it has announced.


Pakistan Education News :

Ninety-four per cent of Pakistan’s primary and middle school teachers lack the necessary English language skills needed for providing a quality education in English.


Turkey Education News :

The UK increased it’s already dominate market share of language course bookings in Turkey 2015 despite a record weak lira, figures from leading Turkish agency association, UED, show


Poland Education News :

A recent policy change means that foreign university students in Poland will no longer have to pay their tuition fees upfront. The institutions are now also responsible for setting their international student fee prices.


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