Innovation in tutoring: Pioneer transformation in online learning.




An important transformation is happening in the world where classrooms are expected to become more like workplaces by 2025.


One of the pioneers of this transformation is Improve Tutoring, a UK online tutoring company which provides free online education video courses, for primary and secondary schoolchildren coupled with online tutors who support children with online exercises and online learning.


Children do their basic learning online through the help of short world class tutorials and an online class tutor exercises conducts remotely online tuition, with the hope of reaching millions of children around the world by 2017. This is raising educational standards, reducing the cost of education and saving governments money.


“We want to reach out to the world more and share our high ability to progress children to all students in the world not just in the USA,” says Faheem Hassan.


Online maths tutors, provide help in maths to schools in the US and Canada focussing on helping small groups of children who are being left behind.


These children who were not improving in large classes are helped online in maths, English and science. Performance is graphically tracked and it shows the speed at which children master exercises and pass achievement thresholds. Online tutors are able to identify under and over-performers by topic and to then target efforts accordingly.


“My daughter started 2 years behind and within 6 months caught up to his potential,” says Elizabeth Powell a parent in the US.


By 2017 sweeping innovative radical changes are coming. For the sake of our children, tight government budgets and for all economies, a revolution is coming to complement school education.