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Is education good or evil?

November 2015 | by Michael Chui and Ambrose Tremblay

Education is not by any means “the root of all evil”, on the contrary, getting good education opens many doors and allows the person to build a better life.

But education can be wrong, too. For example, way too many colleges are focused on brainwashing the students with liberalism and socialism instead of educating them.

Education is extremely important, and an underrated part of society. Fear leads to evil and irrational behaviour, and fear stems from the inability to understand things. If people took education seriously – not just a grab for a degree, but display a natural curiosity for the world around us – society would be so much better for it.

The death of Character is a broad historical, sociological, and cultural inquiry into the moral life and moral education of young Americans based upon a huge empirical study of the children themselves. The children’s thoughts and concerns-expressed here in their own words-shed a whole new light on what we can expect from moral education.


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