Measurement Word Problems KS2 – Improve Tuition

Table of Contents


 Unit 1 | Algebra

Page 1 | Expressions and Formulae

Page 2 | Index notation

Page 3| Solving Linear Equations

Page 4| Expanding and Factorising

Page 5| Factorising Quadratics and expanding double brackets

Page 6| Patterns and Sequences

Page 7| Simultaneous Equations

Page 8| Changing the subject of a Formula

Page 9| Adding , subtracting algebraic formulas

 Unit 2 |Graphs

Page 1 | Straight line graphs

Page 2 | Graphs of Quadratic functions

Unit 3 |Geometry and Measure

Page 1 | Transformations

Page 2 | Symmetry

Page 3 | Coordinates

Page 4 | Perimeter, Area, Volume

Page 5 | Circle geometry

Page 6 | Measurement

Page 7 | Trigonometry

Page 8 | Pythagoras

Page 9 | Angles

Page 10 | Shapes

Page 11| Time

Page 12 | Locus

Unit 4 | Numbers

Page 1 | Speed, Distance and time

Page 2 | Rounding and estimating

Page 3 | Ratio and proportion

Page 4 | Factors, Multiples and primes

Page 5 | Powers and roots

Page 6 | Decimals

Page 7 | Positive and negative numbers

Page 8 | Basic operations

Page 9 | Fractions

Page 10 | Percentages

Unit 5 | Statistics and Probability

Page 1 | Sampling data (MA)

Page 2 | Recording and representing data

Page 3 | Mean median range and mode

Page 4 | Standard deviation

Unit 4 | Calculus

Measures Problems

  1. Whenever you have to tackle a question which has different types of units in it, it is important to make sure that you first convert all the values that are involved so that they have the same units before doing the sum.
  1. If you don’t do this, the questions can get very tricky.

Example 1 :

Let’s say that we are baking a sponge cake and we need to know how much flour is in the recipe.

This is the recipe.

0.5kg plain flour

2 eggs

300g self-raising flour

100 ml of milk

400g butter

If we want to know how much flour we need in total, we would need to convert both types of flour to same units – one is in grams and the other is in kilograms.

0.5kg = 500g so we need 500g of plain flour and 300g of self-raising flour, which makes 800g of flour all together.


1) Leslie buys a 200cm long bar of chocolate .She splits it between 8 people.

  1. How many CM of chocolate does each person receive?
  2. How much chocolate will each person receive if the chocolate bar is split between 4 people.Give your answer in metres 

2) There is a special offer. 1500ml bottles of lemonade now cointain 25% extra tree.How many ml of lemonade is there in a promotional bottle?

3) A gardener wants to install a tence around his garden.A section of tencing measure 2,75m long.The total perimeter of the garden is 228m.

a. How many sections of tencing does the gardner need?

b. What length of tencing will remain ?      box          m.

4) Matthew cycles to school everyday.The distance from his heuse to school and back is 1400m

a) How far has Mathew travelled in five days?


b)Mathew travelled 23800 metres.How many days did he go school for.



5) James knows 1 inch is about 2.5cm . James measures the weight of his door which is 78 inches .what is the height of his door in CM?





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