Learn English Online – Have You? Are You? Don’t You?


Have you? Are you? Don’t you? Etc.


You can say have you? / is it? / can’t he? Etc. This shows that you are interested, surprised and involved in what the other speaker has to say. This adds further depth for conversationalists throughout a discussion.

  • I’m not tired.’ Aren’t you? I am.’
  • ‘Mary can’t’ ‘Can’t she? I didn’t know that.’
  • There’s a parcel waiting for you.’Is there? Where is it?’
  • It’s snowing again.’ Is it? It was raining ten minutes ago.’
  • ‘You’re late for the third time this week.’ ‘Oh, am I? I’m sorry.’

Use do/does for the present simple, and did for the past simple:

  • Ben doesn’t eat fruit.’     Doesn’t he? Does he eat vegetables?
  • Hannah got divorced last week.’ ‘Did she? Really?

Tag questions

Have you? / is it? / can’t she? etc. are used at the end of a sentence. These appear to act as ‘mini questions’ and so are called tag questions.

Have you? Are you? Don’t you? Etc.

Have you? Are you? Don’t you? Etc.


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