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Table of Contents

Week 1 | English Grammar

Day 1| Auxiliary verbs

Day 2 |Am/is/are

Day 3 |Am/is/are Questions

Day 4 |I am doing (present continuous)

Day 5 |Are you doing? (present continuous questions)

Day 6 |I do/work/like (present simple)(present continuous questions)

Week 2 | English Grammar

Day 1 |I don't... (present simple negative)

Day 2 |Do you...? (present simple questions)

Day 3 |I am doing (present continuous) I do (present simple)

Day 4 |I have... and I've got...

Day 5 |Was/were

Day 6 |Worked/got/went etc (past simple)

Week 3 | English Grammar

Day 1 |I didn't... did you...? (past simple negative and questions)

Day 2 |I was doing (past continuous)

Day 3 |I was doing (past continuous) and I did (past simple)

Day 4 |I have done (present perfect 1)

Day 5 |I've just... I've already... I haven't...yet (present perfect 2)

Day 6 |Have you ever...? (present perfect 3)

Week 4| English Grammar

Day 1 |How long have you...? (present perfect 4)

Day 2 |For, since, ago

Day 3 |I have done (present perfect) and I did (past)

Day 4 |Is done, was done (passive 1)

Day 5 |Is being done, has been done (passive 2)

Day 6 |Be/have/do in present and past tenses

Week 5| English Grammar

Day 1 |Regular and irregular verbs

Day 2 |What are you doing tomorrow?

Day 3 |I'm going to...

Day 4 |Will/shall (1)

Day 5 |Will/shall (2)

Day 6 |Might

Week 6| English Grammar

Day 1 |Can and could

Day 2 |Must, mustn't, don't, need to

Day 3 |Should

Day 4 |I have to

Day 5 |Would you like...?

Day 6 |Do this! Don't do that! Let's do that

Week 7| English Grammar

Day 1 |I used to...

Day 2 |There is... There are...

Day 3 |There was/were... There has/have been... There will be...

Day 4 |It...

Day 5 |I am, I don't

Day 6 |Have you? Are you? Don't you? etc

Week 8| English Grammar

Day 1 |Too/either/so am I/neither do I etc

Day 2 |Isn't/haven't/don't etc (negatives)

Day 3 |Do they? Is it? Have you?

Day 4 |Forming questions (who/what/why/where/when/which)

Day 5 |What...? Which...? How...?

Day 6 |How long does it take...?

Week 9| English Grammar

Day 1 |Do you know where...? I don't know what... etc

Day 2 |He/she said that... He/she told me that...

Day 3 |Work/working Go/going Do/doing

Day 4 |I want you to... I told you to...

Day 5 |I went to the shop to...

Day 6 |Go to... Go on... Go for... Go -ing... Get…

Week 10| English Grammar

Day 1 |Get...

Day 2 |Do and make

Day 3 |Have...

Day 4 |I/me He/him They/them etc

Day 5 |My/his/their etc

Day 6 |Whose is this? It's mine/yours/hers etc

Week 11| English Grammar

Day 1 |Myself/yourself/themselves etc

Day 2 |A/an...

Day 3 |Singular & plural

Day 4 |The...

Day 5 |Go to...

Day 6 |This/that/these/those

Week 12| English Grammar

Day 1 |Some & any

Day 2 |All/most/some/any/no/none etc

Day 3 |Adjectives

Day 4 |Adverbs

Day 5 |Imperatives

Day 6 |And but or so because

Week 13| English Grammar

Day 1 |When...

Day 2 |If we go... if you see... etc

Day 3 |If I had... If we went... etc

Day 4 |A person who... A thing that/which (relative clauses 1)

Day 5 |How long have you…?(present perfect 4)

Day 6 |For since ago

For Since Ago

We use for + time period
Example: Rosie has gone to her friend’s house for a hour. (time period = a day) – This means Rosie is going to be at her friend’s house for the time frame of a hour.


Mum has gone to stay with aunty Sue for a week.
He has gone on holiday to India for two months.
I have school holidays for six weeks.
We have been waiting at the bus stop for 10 minutes.
They’ve been gone for three hours.
My brother is studying abroad for three years.
I was waiting in the queue for twenty minutes.

We use since + the start of the period of time
Example: Katie has been gone since eight o clock. (period of time = eight o clock) -This means from eight o clock until now Katie has been gone.


He’s been working since 6am.
My brother has been travelling across Europe since last year.
My grandma has lived in this house since I was 2 years old.
We have been waiting for a taxi since 9:30.
My teacher has been ill since last Wednesday.
They have had a supply teacher since Thursday.
I have been going for swimming lessons since the start of this year.

We use ago to show that the action has happened before now. When using ‘ago’ we say the time period first then ‘ago’.
As the action has taken place before now and in the past, we use past tense verbs.
Example: Mum left the house 10 minutes ago. (left = past tense verb) – This means that 10 minutes before now, mum had left the house.


I ate breakfast 1 hour ago .(- This means 1 hour before now, I ate breakfast)
The bus left two minutes ago. (-This means two minutes before now, the bus had left)
My sister started her new job 2 months ago. (-This means two months before now, my sister started her new job)
She went to Thorpe park a year ago(- This means a year before now, she went to Thorpe park.)
Adam had fish and chips for lunch three days ago. (- This means three days before now, Adam ate fish and chips)


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For, since, ago Exercises


Complete the following sentences by choosing the appropriate time period.
the rest of her life,10 minutes,6 years,2 hours,the past five days,3 years

  • My brother has lived in America for

  • I have been going to this school for

  • She has been waking up at 7am for

  • Samantha is moving to Scotland for

  • My little has been crying for

  • Mum and dad have been waiting in the queue for


2. Create your own sentences using for + the time periods given in the above question.

  • (the rest of her life)

  • (10 minutes)

  • (6 years)

  • (2 hours)

  • (the past five days)

  • (3 years)


3. Use the appropriate words in the missing gaps.

for 2 weeks,since 8am,since last year,2 hours ago,3 days ago ,10 years ago,I was 8 years old,since 9pm yesterday

I have been awake . I ate my breakfast . My brother is still sleeping. He’s been sleeping . I have to wait for my brother to wake up so that I can give him his breakfast because mum and dad have gone on holiday. They left . They have gone to Spain to visit my sister. My sister Georgia lives in Spain. She moved to Spain when I was 8 years old and my parents haven’t seen her . I haven’t seen her since



4. Challenge: Create 5 of your own sentences using the phrase provided.

  • (2 years ago)

  • (3 days ago)

  • (a week ago)

  • (a hundred years ago)

  • (15 minutes ago)



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