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Table of Contents


 Unit 1 | Algebra

Page 1 | Expressions and Formulae

Page 2 | Index notation

Page 3| Solving Linear Equations

Page 4| Expanding and Factorising

Page 5| Factorising Quadratics and expanding double brackets

Page 6| Patterns and Sequences

Page 7| Simultaneous Equations

Page 8| Changing the subject of a Formula

Page 9| Adding , subtracting algebraic formulas

 Unit 2 |Graphs

Page 1 | Straight line graphs

Page 2 | Graphs of Quadratic functions

Unit 3 |Geometry and Measure

Page 1 | Transformations

Page 2 | Symmetry

Page 3 | Coordinates

Page 4 | Perimeter, Area, Volume

Page 5 | Circle geometry

Page 6 | Measurement

Page 7 | Trigonometry

Page 8 | Pythagoras

Page 9 | Angles

Page 10 | Shapes

Page 11| Time

Page 12 | Locus

Unit 4 | Numbers

Page 1 | Speed, Distance and time

Page 2 | Rounding and estimating

Page 3 | Ratio and proportion

Page 4 | Factors, Multiples and primes

Page 5 | Powers and roots

Page 6 | Decimals

Page 7 | Positive and negative numbers

Page 8 | Basic operations

Page 9 | Fractions

Page 10 | Percentages

Unit 5 | Statistics and Probability

Page 1 | Sampling data (MA)

Page 2 | Recording and representing data

Page 3 | Mean median range and mode

Page 4 | Standard deviation

Unit 4 | Calculus


A quadrilateral is any 2D shape which has four sides. There are some special types of quadrilaterals which have their own names as well.


This is a square. All of its sides are the same length and it has four right angles.


This is a rectangle. It has two pairs of equal length sides and also has four right angles.


This is a rhombus. Like a square, all of its sides are the same length but it does not have four right angles. Its opposite angles are the same and its opposite sides are parallel.


This is a parallelogram. It has two pairs of sides which are equal length and its opposite sides are parallel. Its opposite angles are equal.


This is a trapezium. It has one pair of parallel lines.


This is a kite. It has two pairs of equal length sides but no parallel lines.

1) Work any pairs of parallel lines on each of the quadrilateral below.

Quadrilaterals_question1 Quadrilaterals_question2 Quadrilaterals_question3

b)Name each of the quadrilaterals


a) Draw a quadrilateral with two pain of parallel side and 4-right angles.

b) Draw a quadrilateral with no right angles.


3) Identify all the quadrilateral shape below.

Quadrilaterals_question5 Quadrilaterals_question6

Put a tick in the quadrilateral shapes.

Divide this rectangular hexagon into two trapezium by placing a line correct place.


4) Use the two shape below to make a parallelogram.


1 2 3 4 5 6

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