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The 11+ exam is the standardised examination all children must take to qualify for many grammar schools. Improve Tuition is your go to place to ensure your child is quick, efficient, and correct in their verbal reasoning, non- verbal reasoning, maths and English to fit for some of the leading UK grammar schools.

Our main
Tuition Features are:

  1. Dedicated Tutor
  2. Top Quality Study Material
  3. Personalised topic explanations
  4. Teaching Suited to your learning style
  5. Questioning to check your understanding
  6. Homework marked and Feedback instant
  7. Abundant Exam-style questions practice
  8. Fun, Friendly, and Warm atmosphere


With the immense experience gained through the years, from as far back as 2007- we have been able to get 100% passes because of our structure and technique of catering to the child’s ability and aiming to get them to the top level to increase chances of success by eliminating weaknesses.

We have many tutors with first hand experience of the 11+ examination so are prepared to provide insight and tips and tricks to help ease through all aspects of the 11 plus. Without a planned approach and a skilled tuition team passing would be difficult hence why we strive to go out of our way to find the correct tools and resources personalised for your child to identify their method of learning, academic ability and perceived weaknesses.


This will all be identified through our FREE ASSESSMENT where we go the extra mile to match a great tutor with your child and ensure a perfect fit.

So why worry? When your tutor is dedicated, professional, passionate and skilled for the job.

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Why is picking the appropriate 11+ tutor crucial?

Children face unique problems during 11 plus exams, from the ability to comprehend to maintaining accuracy in the given time. The exam material itself challenges pupils beyond their comfort-zones and what they would typically learn in class. To stand out, kids must be able to successfully handle this material. Success depends on individuality, which may be attained with our tutor team’s top-notch assistance and experience in this specific field.

Our tutors will establish a rapport with the child, earn their trust, and make sure they feel comfortable. They have been carefully chosen to meet your child’s needs as an individual. This is more significant than you might realise.

Knowing a child’s needs and what is best for them academically encourages a youngster to want to learn, and desire leads to success.


What do we do that’s special?

We have over 15 years of experience in delivering tutoring solutions specific to the distinctive challenges faced by students

We skyrocket your 11-plus mock scores by an unimaginable amount! But nothing is impossible at improve tuition our dedication and care always ensures good results

A programme for student transformation that establishes “5 pillars” for pupil achievement!

We give you enjoyable and fulfilling experiences so that you can remember your learning path. Your skill level immediately increases by three to four years in just one year thanks to our gifted and spectacular training!


We take the time to observe how you study before creating a pitch that will help you begin your path to success in learning.

By tailoring your technique to fit your needs, you may quickly recognise challenging questions and become more assured than before and in future confidently revisit them.

We acquire skills, including the capacity to learn and solve problems, comprehend and use language, and read and communicate.

We have seen many different abilities in students, and we have seen many different challenges students face over the decade. We confidently KNOW how to transform these challenges into strengths and have your student become an overachiever by acing the 11 plus and be prepared for a life of confidence and success.

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Improve are online tutors who – really, and excitedly – take on learning of children to new heights.

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Tutoring form Northeast England, situated at our custom-built tutoring facility in England our, GCSE Online Physics tutor, is carefully chosen to work suitably with your child and exceed your expectations over time.

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Improve. For Learning.

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Online 11 Plus Tuition

Online 11 Plus Tutor

11 Plus Tuition Online

11 Plus Tutor Online

11 Plus Tutors Online

11 Plus Tutor Online

11 Plus Tutors Online

11 Plus Tutor Online


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Our mission is to create fearless learners in which we can inspire each child to be life long learners and ensure that everything our students touch in life is greater than great.


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