Mode Median Mean Range KS2

Table of Contents


 Unit 1 | Algebra

Page 1 | Expressions and Formulae

Page 2 | Index notation

Page 3| Solving Linear Equations

Page 4| Expanding and Factorising

Page 5| Factorising Quadratics and expanding double brackets

Page 6| Patterns and Sequences

Page 7| Simultaneous Equations

Page 8| Changing the subject of a Formula

Page 9| Adding , subtracting algebraic formulas

 Unit 2 |Graphs

Page 1 | Straight line graphs

Page 2 | Graphs of Quadratic functions

Unit 3 |Geometry and Measure

Page 1 | Transformations

Page 2 | Symmetry

Page 3 | Coordinates

Page 4 | Perimeter, Area, Volume

Page 5 | Circle geometry

Page 6 | Measurement

Page 7 | Trigonometry

Page 8 | Pythagoras

Page 9 | Angles

Page 10 | Shapes

Page 11| Time

Page 12 | Locus

Unit 4 | Numbers

Page 1 | Speed, Distance and time

Page 2 | Rounding and estimating

Page 3 | Ratio and proportion

Page 4 | Factors, Multiples and primes

Page 5 | Powers and roots

Page 6 | Decimals

Page 7 | Positive and negative numbers

Page 8 | Basic operations

Page 9 | Fractions

Page 10 | Percentages

Unit 5 | Statistics and Probability

Page 1 | Sampling data (MA)

Page 2 | Recording and representing data

Page 3 | Mean median range and mode

Page 4 | Standard deviation

Unit 4 | Calculus

Mode, Median, Mean & Range

When analysing data, there are lots of things that you can have a look at.

The mode is the most common value to come up in the data (think that Mode and Most common both start the same way).The mode can be used for data about numbers and items.

  1. Example 1:This is a chart of the favourite foods of the all the children in a classfood-frequencyBurgers has the highest number of votes so it is the most common favourite food. This will make it our mode. The mean is found when you add up all the values and divide by how many there are. It can only be used with data that is numerical.

Example 2:

Let’s find the mean height of three friends. Laura is 130cm tall, Jeanna is 126 cm tall and Iman is 132 cm tall.

130 + 122 + 132 = 384cm

We now divide this by three (there were three friends)

384 ÷ 3 = 128

128cm is our mean.


The median value is found by ordering ALL of the values you have from largest to smallest and thenfinding the middle number.

If there is an even number of values, the median is halfway between the two middle numbers.


Example 3:

Let’s find the median of these test results of ten children in Year 3.


  1. First we have to put them in order.


2. We can cross off one number from each end until there are only one or two numbers left.


  1. Since there are two numbers left, the median is halfway between them.

The median is 11.5 or 11 ½ .     


Find the range of a set of data is very simple. All you do to find it is take the largest value and subtract the smallest value from it.


Example 4:

We’ll find the range of the test results we used in the last example.


The largest number is 19 and the smallest is 7.


Therefore, our range is 12.


1) Many wants to know how many siblings the people in her class have. These were her results,


a) Record her resultsin the tally chart

b) What is the mode?

c)What is the range?

d) Write of the number in order from smallest to largest.

e) What is the medium?

2) Miss gold gives out gold stars every time a student’s homework has full marks.At the end of the year,these are how many gold stars each student had

Adam 12          Anjali 17           Molly 13
Jeanne 14       bobby 15          Charlie 9
Helena 9         Anna 10            Jason 11

What is the mean score?
The next year, these are the number of gold star for the same students
Adam 9            Anjali 16          Molly 14
Jeanne 15       Bobby 12         Charlie 4
Helena 7          Anna 9            Jason 7

What is the new mean score?box

3) The mean of three number is 5 and the mode is 7 .
Write down the three number ?




1 2 3 4 5 6  

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